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17 Lessons Learned from the Tapulous CEO

Bart Decrem Tapuluos

Bart Decrem Tapuluos

Happy Thursday! Lately I’ve been tweeting about some of the exciting new launches, new technologies, new approaches to social campaigns, trends in VC funding and M&A, etc.

No doubt cool stuff.

I also managed to catch Robert Scoble’s interview with Bart Decrem founder and CEO of Tapulous. I’m glad I did because Bart reminded me of several lessons that make a startup successful and he taught me a few new ones that apply to the social economy.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

1) Make a game changing bet.

2) Be there first.

3) Give it away free.

4) Riff off of a similar big trend.

5) Use the uniqueness of the platform and make something special.

6) Show your love of the platform.

7) Doing 5 & 6 will get the attention of bloggers and folks on twitter — which will generate that viral buzz.

8) Fans will understand that what you’ve built is special and they will want to have it.

9) Be true to the community.

10) Individuals in the community will build the buzz.

11) Create something you want to show your friends and/or will make other people ask, “What are you doing?”

12) Update fans on support issues being addressed —
use support forums, facebook, and twitter.

13) Give your fans a HQ with a guest-book and give away free schwag.

14) Work with the best.

15) Do another free release.

16) Do a paid release.

17) Do another related title.