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3 Fresh Announcements Ease Mobile Web Engagement and Conversions

Enabling Opportunity

In spite of the ongoing economic woes, this is an exciting time for emerging technologies. The mobile web continues its rapid growth with women, teens, and seniors embracing this technology as it continues its march toward the mainstream.

Not surprisingly, some of the web’s best tools are being re-spun for the mobile web making it easier than ever to reach, engage, and convert an audience into customer and prospects.

Optimize, Streamline, and Integrate

1)  Just yesterday, Google announced AdSense for Mobile Content which optimizes its highly successful AdSense program for the mobile web.

2)  Not one to miss an opportunity, Adobe announced Flash Player 10.1 for mobile devices streamlining the way developers enable Flash content for a mobile audience.

3)  Likewise, Amazon announced its Mobile Payments Service making integration easier not only for mobile web content but also for mobile applications. It’s now possible to have Amazon’s famous 1-click purchasing embedded within a mobile app.

Extend and Enhance

The time is right to extend and enhance your current offerings in the mobile space. Learn more about these new tools. Start a project. Increase your reach, deepen the emotional engagement with your brand, generate more sales and more advertising revenue. What was that nonsense about economic woes?

Let me know how these announcements will impact your plans.