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How to Connect and Convert Interest in Action

cb-2009-tf_coverLast week, while I was enhancing my twitter network, I saw a tweet in my newly updated Seesmic desktop app about an up-coming book called twittfaced by Social Media Consultant Jacob Morgan and his co-author Josh Peters.

The subtitle of their book is your toolkit for understanding and maximizing social media — a couple topics that resonate with me these days.

We can also expect a forward and intro from Brian Solis and Chris Brogan respectively. Additionally, since no conversation on maximizing Social Media would be complete these days without Olivier Blanchard — Jacob and Josh deliver a bonus Q&A with thebrandbuilder himself.

Clearly I’m looking forward to the release of twittfaced and I shared my enthusiasm with the twitterverse.

Immediately afterwards Jacob reached out personally just to connect with a new fan. Amazing! What a great way to quickly turn my interest into action. That would never have happened so rapidly if not for the real-time nature of the twittstream.

In the days before twitter I might have heard about his book in a blog post somewhere and even clicked-through to Amazon, checked out a few pages, seen its rating, read a couple reviews, etc. But now because of my direct interaction with one of the authors, I’m creating a blog post about my experience and I really want to see Jacob and Josh achieve success with their new book.

So, connect with your users. Reply to their comments on your blog. Engage them with an @reply on twitter. Promote their successes on your blog. Turn their interest into action –a personal investment in your success– and do it faster and with more reach than ever before. In the end, we all win when we help one another other achieve success.


How to be a (Great) Participant in the World of Social Media


I am starting a blog about social media.  I bet I’m not alone.  Lots of people are interested in this field.   How can one stand out above the noise and differentiate his or her voice from all the others?  How can one effectively leverage the ever-growing array of tools (i.e. Google, blogs, social networks, twitter, etc.) and techniques?

In my efforts to answer these questions I have been reading an e-book titled Brink – A Social Media Guide from the Edge.  In it, author and practitioner Todd Defren recommends that one, “Listen.  Think.  Listen.  Act.  (Slowly.)”

“Listening” means to understand who is saying what about one’s industry, brand, product, service, etc.  This includes “hearing” the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

Over the next several weeks and months, I will further explore how to have an effective voice in this conversation and look at the tools (and techniques) of the trade.

I would love to hear what you have to say!